5 Ways To Avoid Stair Lift Injuries

5 Ways To Avoid Stair Lift Injuries

5 Ways To Avoid Stair Lift Injuries

Peace of mind comes in many forms. It’s knowing you can get up and down stairs on your own. It’s regaining your independence. It’s feeling secure each and every time you ride your stair lift. For anyone who is disabled, injured, elderly or with limited mobility, stair lift chairs keep people independent and in their own homes.

It’s Important to remember that routine maintenance and inspections are critical to the longevity, safety and long term operation of your stair lift.If parts become worn the function of the unit becomes unsafe, routine maintenance avoids expensive future repairs that could take weeks to fix. By conducting scheduled planned inspection, many of the most common repair issues can be avoided.

Integrated Medical Supplies  offers a 31 point Stair liftInspection for your stair lift. Inspections can be scheduled with us during the week at a time that is convenient for you. Our 31 point inspection includes your Stair lift being inspected, adjusted and lubricated according to factory specifications to increase the overall life of the stair lift.

No matter what type of stair lift you have, we can help you. Our factory trained technicians are able to work on any brand of stair lift. They will identify the issues, discuss the solutions with you and consult with you on the best option for your budget.

5 ways to Avoid Stair lift Injuries:

  • Do not carry pets or children on your lap while riding the stair lift. Stair lift are designed to be used by only one person at a time.
  • Never attempt to operate the lift while standing up. Always sit in the center of the seat with the seat belt fastened around your waist.
  • Keep your feet centered on the footrest while travelling up and down the stairs. Never dangle your feet off the footrest while riding the lift.
  • Use the armrests to assist you when getting on and off the lift.
  • Keep your Stair lift Maintained and lubricated

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