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Curved Stairlifts

Curved stairlifts are built custom to your staircase. Curved lifts are much more elaborate and will go around corners, bends, and changes in direction. Curved stairlifts have tracks that are specifically designed to suit staircases that turn corners or are spiral. All Handicare curved tracks are made to order following a photo survey of each individual staircase. It is rare that a stairlift cannot be fitted to a staircase but some systems may have limitations that mean they are not suitable for your home. You do not need to worry about surveying your staircase; we will do this for you, and we will advise you of any adjustments required to fit your stairlift (e.g. move a heater) and which is the best side of your staircase to fit your stairlift. We would have to go and do a photo survey to get accurate measurements so we can give you an accurate quote.

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