PikStic...A Reaching Aid

Looking for a Reaching Aid? The PikStik has your back!

imsla-pik-stickWhether you’re just temporarily injured or have more long term needs, PikStik has your back…or the jar on the top shelf…or the mail at the back of the box… or the remote control that’s stuck behind the couch.

  • Save your back from bending and stooping.
  • Safely accomplish all your necessary chores.
  • Reduce the strain of everyday tasks.
  • Eliminate contact with potentially contaminated or infected items.

PikStik  is at Home in Every Room of Your House; and it Loves Getting Out in the Yard and Garden too! Short or tall, young or old, big or small, we all need a helping hand once in a while. Since 1989, PikStik has been there to lend and extend that hand. From the kitchen to the shed, from the attic to the garage, no reaching aid has your back more!

Seniors- the PikStik is lightweight and easy to handle, great for picking up the remote, grabbing the peanut butter off the top shelf and cleaning up the yard.

Adults- How many times do you bend over to pick up children’s items like the sippy cup, pacifier or blanket? Also taking out dirty diapers and doing yard work doesn’t seem quite as bad when you use a PikStik.

Children- Picking up toys, clothes and even the yard becomes a fun game with the PikStik. By incorporating PikStik reachers into everyday activities you can encourage creativity, discipline and independence.

Co-Workers- Tired of giving the same old coffee mugs or ties? Here’s a fun gift that is useful both at the office and at home.

Germ-Conscious- From the flu to seasonal colds sweeping through the workplace and coming home from school with kids, people are more concerned with germs than ever before. Who needs hand sanitizer when you have a PikStik?

Environmental Friends- Are you passionate about spending time outdoors and preserving the environment? A PikStik reacher is an ideal tool for safely picking up litter and other debris. Keep the outside clean!

Neighbors- Want to help your neighbors more, by being there less? Of course! Be there without having to be there with a new Pikstik.