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Patient Lifts

If you’re experiencing limited mobility after an injury or you’re recovering from a major medical procedure, you might need a patient lift. This device is specifically designed to lift and transfer patients from one place to the next, like from the bed to the bath, for example. There are various models to choose from depending on your needs as well as your environment. There are manual patient lifts, fully electric patient lifts, ceiling lifts, bed lifts, and so on. The type that you need will largely be determined by your condition and what your physician prescribes. Fortunately, most of these models are meant to be user-friendly, which means a family member or caretaker will be able to learn how to operate one to better assist you.

There are many reasons why you might want to think about investing in a patient lift. The main benefit associated with this device is the reduced risk of injury to both patient and caregivers when it’s used correctly. It’s critical that anyone who will be operating the device is fully trained on proper use. The sling should be matched to the specific lift you’ve chosen as well as the weight of the patient. This means you cannot pick a sling at random and hope it’ll work with your device.

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